Hello and welcome to Totally Trunks News.

Things are more or less back to normal here in England, the only problem is the supply of good quality items at reasonable prices. But I'm working on it.

There is some new stock added to the Home Page including a lot of good brown leather suitcases and other good things, including some crocodile which is very reasonably priced now due to the controls over exports.

Vellum remains very difficult to find - I recently went on a long buying trip and bought only one item of vellum, it just seems to have dried up, but this week I have managed to acquire some good items from various contacts including a lovely pair of vellum suitcases with original luggage labels - picture below.

I have also bought 3 really good large aluminium trunks, one pictured below, the other 2 are currently being polished.

I hope everyone is enjoying the Summer.


Robert   16th July 2021